Saturday, November 22, 2008

Charity or Violence?

A very clear judgment on the issue of euthanasia. I have some thoughts about it, some things I have been learning in my classes on ethics and political philosophy that gained a new light from this flyer, and I will attempt to post soon.

"So the case of Eluana puts us in front of the first evidence that emerges in our life: we do not make ourselves. We are made, we are wanted by Another. We are saved from our nothingness by Someone who loves us and has told us: 'Even the hair on your head is counted.' Rejecting this evidence means, sooner or later, rejecting reality. Even when this reality has the face of the people we love."

"Christianity originates exactly from a passion for man. God became man to meet the need of all men, believers and non believers, to understand the meaning of life and death. Christ had pity on our nothingness, and gave His own life to affirm the infinite value of each of us, in whatever condition.

We need Him to be ourselves. We also need to be educated to recognize Him, to be able to live."

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Fred said...

ah, yes. You're the Francis I met. Now I get it!